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About Our Extraordinary Mission-
Taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to our city.

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Every Believer can do what Jesus said we could do in John 14:12! When we heard testimonies of other Believers stepping out in faith and bringing power encounters then leading the lost to Christ in their town, we began to believe that we could do it too! And so we did with amazing fruit!


That's why we founded ACTS Ministries to equip and empower everyday, ordinary Believers to go out into their city and do extraordinary things through the power of Holy Spirit. It is an Empowered  Lifestyle and it's easier than you think, for it's not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your home town is waiting!

We have learned from some of the best how to put our faith into practice by partnering with Holy Spirit and we are committed to imparting what we have learned with you. The means by which we equip and empower you is through conferences offered at your local church. We train and equip  leaders and congregations in reaching their communities through several courses. When possible, Ariel and I travel together.

Check out our Training section to get a taste for how we equip the Body of Christ.

What People Are Saying...

Vin Lucian


 "I have known Brad for over 30 years and have always seen a hunger in him for God. He has such a passion to see people empowered to take the Gospel to the streets and to make it a lifestyle, not just a program. Incredible ministry!


Brad has no greater joy than teaching and imparting to believers the same passion and ability to heal that he carries, believing that all the gifts operate in all the believers and that Jesus fully intended for his disciples to imitate Him in all things, including healing the sick. He is a revivalist and teaches in order to empower an army of believers to rise up and reach this generation with the gospel of the kingdom, which includes living a supernatural lifestyle outside the four walls of the church.  

He is the founder of ACTS Ministries:

Christians by
Training in the

Empowered Lifestyle is what he teaches wherever he goes.

Other courses he teaches are on:

-Effective Evangelism,

-The 9 Gifts of Holy Spirit,

-Establishing Altar Ministry Teams,

-Healing On The Streets (HOTS) by Mark Marx 


They base their ministry upon Matthew 10:7, 8:
'And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.'"


Steve 3Gate 4.jpg

Steve's Story

"I was there when the miracles started for Brad and Ariel in 2010...

A guy in a wheelchair was healed at Walmart. A lady in a parking lot didn't need her cane any longer and could see again in her blind eye. Deaf people got their hearing back. Miracle after miracle. Now Brad trains people all over the country how to walk in a supernatural lifestyle in everyday life."

Director of Photography,

3Gates Films

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Sara's Story

"A week after Brad's presentation I prayed for the dishwasher repairman who said he had excruciating pain in his knees, a level 8 pain. After I prayed, it was gone when he bent down. Glory to God!"

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Bishop Rob 2_edited_edited.jpg

Bishop Rob

"Brad's visit was greatly impactful. Many at our church were healed and the teachings he brought have been put into practice. We continue to see miracles and healings."

-Bishop Rob Northwood,

Charismatic Episcopal Church,

Bel Air, Maryland

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Don 3_edited.jpg

Don's Story

"We want to say how grateful we are to have had Brad and Ariel spend so much time with us and many of our church friends teaching us how to Treasure Hunt. It was an amazing experience watching the power of our Lord performing healings through prayer. we are so blessed to have experienced the teachings of

Brad and Ariel."

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Doc's Story

"We have experienced the Kingdom of God when we've been ministered to by you & Ariel and to people in the marketplace. You both have an anointing of mercy, grace, power, and peace that encourages us to walk in faith. We thank our Heavenly Father for His anointing on you to do His will." 

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Stephen 1_edited.jpg

Stephen's Story

"Brad Wolff definitely has the Father's Spirit: one who cries, 'Abba, Father.' God has blessed him with not only gifts of healings and being in tune with listening to people, but actually hearing their needs and loving them through a word of faith. He has blessed me multiple times through discipleship, words of healing, and spiritual awareness. He is very  firm to his core."

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Eli's Story

"Brad taught on Friday and Saturday at the Empowered Lifestyle conference, and on Sunday I met a woman at a convenience store with a bent spine. After approaching her and praying for her, God straightened her back and she stood up straight with no pain for the 1st time in decades!"

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Sabottka 4.jpg

Dietrich & Riitva-Lisa 

"My wife and I have participated in two of ACTS Ministries healing seminars by Brad Wolff in 2022." 

Although seasoned in healing ministry, both times we have come away with new insights. Brad's biblical knowledge and approach was refreshing, enjoyable and rewarding.

We believe that any Church, as well as the participating individual believer, will greatly benefit from such a healing seminar by ACTS ministries.

One becomes an evangelist with power to participate in The Great Commission of Jesus - the secret behind any growing church."

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Deb Weaver 3_edited_edited.jpg

Deb's Story

"I recommend Brad & Ariel Wolff as teachers of the Word of God, especially in the aspect of healing and of our identity in Christ. Brad & Ariel love the Lord and I'm thankful to have attended their classes on healing. Our 1st time Treasure Hunting, I was there when a man got up out of a wheelchair and walked pain-free!"

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Rev. Joseph Ciccarello

"Brad Wolff is an excellent and engaging teacher of the Word of God. He not only raised our church's awareness of God's desire to heal, but equipped our folks on how to do it. The fruit of his ministry is still being felt months after his training."

-Church of the Intercessor, Malverne, NY

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Uriah Northwood 2_edited.jpg

Uriah's Story

"Before I took his class, I didn't really think about asking people in the world if they needed healing, but after Mr. Brad's training, I felt more empowered to do more acts of healing in my life through the Holy Spirit and through the power in Jesus' name. Now when I see someone in my normal day, my mind goes straight toward praying for them. I have a changed mindset! There is so much power in Jesus' name and thanks to Mr. Brad's works and teachings I have an increased level of faith.

God bless you, Mr. Brad!" 

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Kaleb Allen, CRC Lead Pastor_edited_edited.jpg

Pastor Kaleb Allen

"Brad is a sincere brother in the Lord passionate about the Kingdom of God.  He's devoted to loving Jesus with all of his life in every season and venue. Brad has been an encouragement to many in the body of Christ and will no doubt spur you on to fulfill your call in God."

Pastor, Christian Renewal Church,

Hilton Head Island, SC

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Carol 1.jpg

Carol's Story

"God is good! In 2019 I was in an Empowered Lifestyle Class with Brad & Ariel learning that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me!

I can now lay hands on hurting people and help in their healing. Praising God and thanking ACTS Ministries for the ability and gift to fulfill God's purpose

for my life."

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Joseph's Story

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Brad for several years now. He came along side of me while I was in leadership at the church we both attended and encouraged me as a brother in Christ. His faith has been a testimony to me over the years. He has always been there for me and to this day, he is someone that I can trust to point me to Christ when I have taken my

eyes off of him." 

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